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Why did Cee-C not win the #BBNaija 2o18 reality show despite being the most controversial on Double Wahala you may have asked. In this article, I would share why Cee-C did not win the reality show. 
Let’s dive right in.
All through the Big Brother Naija season 3 aka ‘Double Wahala’, a Facebook friend detailed the show on her timeline. She uploaded videos and posts in real-time and daily. Within a short time, her audience grew and you could find trendy gist and comments of the show on her timeline.
Like many other people, I got first-hand updates from her wall.

Why Cee-C did not win BBNaija 2018.

You may need to be careful of how you say what you say and do what you do if you hope to win the #BBNaija or any keenly contested position in Naija. 
Cee-C of BBNaija 2018
Cynthia Nwadiora
Cynthia Nwadiora commonly called Cee-C was the first runner-up of BBNaija 2018 and was adjudged the most controversial contestant. In the same light, some persons would tag her as the ‘most real’ housemate of the season, some others would disagree unreservedly. She was a curmudgeon which brings me to the crux of this article.
To win widely a contested position, you must be well-liked. Particularly if your success is chiefly dependent on a large number of people. 
Cee-C of BBNaija in a short time had amassed quite a following of ‘haters’. Pardon my french, Nigerians who did not like her personality for obvious reasons.
For starters, “she rained insults on a housemate, had a series of negative outbursts, and disrespected fellow housemates and big brother”.
Viewers of the show spared no word in registering their disapproval online and offline. 
Frankly speaking, Cee-C did not win BBNaija 2018 because she was not liked. I tell you this for free because I have been there.
Ironically, the voting power of her loyal fans was tough enough to keep her in the house until the grand finale. She was not disqualified or sent packing as the housemates would have loved. 
Rightly seated at the other hand is Miracle Ikechukwu. The”Shine Shine bobo” who allegedly was ‘humble’ and down-to-earth. Miracle rarely had one controversy to his tail for the entire season. Oh, and yes, he was the winner of Double Wahala 2018 Big Brother Naija reality show.
Miracle Ikechukwu of BBNaija 2018
Miracle Ikechukwu
I hope you pondering what I am pondering?

The Nigerian meaning of humility.

In the real-life, humility has a different meaning other than the one on paper. You become likeable in a shorter time if you allow bullshit without reprisal. The latter, no matter how intelligent you seem will make you seem bitter and aggressive. Especially if you are a woman.
Yes, this may not always true. I agree. But you see, people of this world are largely hypocritical. They tell you to be yourself, to call out what you do not like and be blunt. It’s a trick. Don’t.
Particularly when you are vying for a position, you need to be political. Simply put, you need to suck in and accept piles of crap that you ordinarily would not take. Remember to do this bit when you are trying to get the blessings of the masses.
Say you are in a competition to win 45 million Naira for instance and your success rests with the general public, please do not be a Cee-C (interpret as you understand)

How to make Nigerians like you.

  • You need to be ‘humble’
  • Gag on the endless diatribe
  • Use self-deprecating humour and anything to get Nigerians pity you. Something like “who I be? “and “I be nobody”.
  • Fry Akara* on the roadsides, eat with the poor public school kids, seat with the kids whose schools have no chairs. In front of the camera? Of course!
  • Don’t you ever let the camera catch you saying you do not care for them or saying ‘their likeness does not pay your bills’? Believe me, you do not want to self-promote in front of these people.
  • You must show that you need them. Better still, be a Miracle. 
  • Make jokes.
  • Fall in love with the Nigerian patriarch culture – A Nina!
Nina Ivy Chinonso of Big Brother Naija season 3 was the “girlfriend” of Miracle who came 5th position in the grand finale.  Her only controversy was related to matters of the heart; falling head over heels with Miracle despite having an existing relationship before the show began.
If you made it this far, I must leave you with tips to change your life for the better. No jokes lol.


  1. Do not be a Cee-C
  2. DO NOT BE REAL. Even when you are told to be real. It is a trap.
  3. When the theme is CHANGE. Don’t change anything. Just occupy space and waste everyone’s time.
  4. Kiss or lick ass; you must be liked at all cost.
  5. Never say how you feel. As a Nigerian woman, who are you to be pissed, mad or angry? Suck it up, woman!
  6. On TV, at work, in school, in fact, in Nigeria. Never underestimate the power of being liked.
  7. The opposite of being liked is to be tagged bitter, aggressive and definitely, without 45 million.
I know. I know. You are welcome.

Akara is one of the most popular breakfasts in Nigeria, it’s made with a combination of bean paste, fresh onions and salt.

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