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does saying I do not know mean I am weak
Does saying I do not know, mean I am weak?
When I am being interrogated, am I allowed to say I don’t know or I did not see? 
His name is Ricky Jackson, he and his friends were wrongly convicted of murder in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975. They were sentenced to death before it was changed to life imprisonment in 1977. All three of them were imprisoned for decades before each of the three was acquitted in late 2014. In 2015 and 2016, Ricky Jackson was hugely settled in millions of dollars by the state for wrongful conviction.
According to the National Registry of Exonerations, Jackson was imprisoned for 39 years on this wrongful conviction which is believed to be the longest record for someone who has been exonerated.

Does Saying I do not Know Mean I am Weak?

At the risk of accusing a person falsely saying ‘I do not know’ should signify strength. Often seen as a weak phrase, investigators would gleefully clinch at straws than take the words I DON’T KNOW from a witness. In this post, I would be sharing the strength in the phrase “I don’t know” and its unpalatable alternatives.

Some adults do not know to teach themselves/kids to say that they are unsure of an allegation when they truly are. This knowledge gap has seen innocent people die or spend the rest of their lives imprisoned. 
The case of Ricky Jackson who served the longest sentence of any innocent inmate was built on the testimony of a 12-year-old who told the police that Jackson fired the handgun, and his friends were accomplices. Decades after Ricky was imprisoned the alleged witness recanted his testimony and Ricky became a free man.
Ricky Jackson served the longest sentence of any innocent U.S. Inmate

On being wrongly convicted…

A false accusation can cause lifelong devastation for families, and generations unborn. 
Teach your kids about false accusations; teach them that it is okay to say:
“I do not know”
“I did not see” and did not hear” and that having nothing to say is not a weakness.
Teach them that it would always be a hundred times better to seat a topic out when in doubt.
Tell yourself, as an adult, that it is okay not to have an opinion on every matter. Ultimately, you do not need to have an opinion on everything.

‘I do not know’ as an expression should be seen as honest and strong and not lacking or less.


Story source: Wikipedia
This story was first shared on my Facebook page.

His name is Ricky Jackson, he and his friends were wrongly convicted of murder in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975 and were…

Posted by Victoria Chukwuma on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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