Victoria Chukwuma

How Fear Stops You From Finding Love

Fear is not just fear – it is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear stops you from finding love, accepting love and falling in love. How possible is this, that an emotion as organic as fear is capable of denying us something as important as love?

Fear is what we feel as a natural response to physical danger. It appears real even though it may be fake, it arises when we feel threatened. It makes us cleave familiar conditions, people or lifestyle instead of forging ahead. Such fear creates paranoia, worry, anxiety and apprehension to mention but a few.

From personal experience I have come to understand that when you are alarmed, you begin to see things that would confirm your worry. You see little signs, big signs and non-existent signs that confirm your agitation. You hear voices or whispers that would validate your fear. Your brain starts logging details and adding warning labels. Your permutations will continue to show how unattractive your legs are.

How Fear Stops You from Love

When fear is in place, you seldom see the way out. Trepidation beclouds the reasoning and even when the truth is clearly written on the wall, you don’t see it. Your mind eye has become positioned and rebuilt to see the impossibility.

You see why it cannot work, why you cannot get the man/woman and why you cannot love and be loved in return. Why the relationship destined to fail. You see false evidence appearing real.

Fear cripples your reality: It stops you from finding love, from giving love and from accepting love. It brings achievable realities to its knees.

Positivity which is the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude, controls the narrative. It controls your thoughts, feelings and centrally everything within your horizon.

You see things working, you see the lines falling in pleasant places, you see acceptance, you see growth, you see a chance at love. You see everything working for your good.

Being positive is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. By agreeing to stay positive you open your mind’s eye to possibilities. Ultimately, the universe aligns its forces with your dreams.

The Positive Creed

Going forward, I choose to:

  • be optimistic.
  • believe that the odds are in my favour
  • affirm that everything under the sun is working for my good.

I am positive. What about you??

Tell me in the comments.

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