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Listening to your gut can save you. Not once, not twice but several times. How do I listen to my gut or intuition you may ask? Is my gut feeling enough? Can I trust my gut? Listening to my gut has saved me many times and as you would come to agree with me, this hunch may sometimes be pointless.

The first thing to remind yourself of is that it is OK to listen to your gut. It is OK and healthy to follow your intuition. Yes, it is OK to allow your intuition guide you in your dealings. This is because your gut is your past and present experience working in tandem with what you know.

Listen To Your Gut.

The first five months of 2019 was largely about taking specific actions from a strong sense of intuition. I heard the whispers of my gut, followed my intuition and my life changed.

In April, I visited the hospital straight from the exam hall seemingly strong, hale and hearty. After blood was drawn for tests and the results came out, I was admitted for 3 nights. By the time I was discharged I had received 6 intravenous infusions also known as drips.

Before my visit, the hunch to visit the hospital was pointless. This was because the pharmacist had diagnosed my complaints as catarrh/cough and had placed me on medication for the same.

It was Malaria and Respiratory infection.

My gut whispered. I listened.

Listening To My Gut Saved Me.

In February, I felt complacent with everything around me. To everyone else, I was on top of my game; taking giant strides at work. Within me, I knew the passion for the job I love was fast dissipating. My intuitions whispered to me and I tried hard to overlook.

When it yelled, I saw how I had deteriorated. I saw the absentmindedness and nonchalance. I saw the forgetfulness of things that once were very dear to my heart.

Preceding this time, I had acquired digital skills that would be beneficial to my organization so I approached my supervisor and requested to be redeployed to a department that would aid my growth. At the meeting, I talked about my desire to give back and gain new insights. My request was approved in March.

My gut whispered. I listened.

In May, I felt funny. I was experiencing frequent headaches, pains at my lower back, wooziness, voice change, my ability to smell reduced etc, I cancelled my appointments and walked into the hospital on a Saturday morning.

I walked out with a bag of drugs after extensive sessions with the General and ENT* doctors, 2 X-rays for sinusitis and my lower back plus a referral to see a physiotherapist.

Again, my gut whispered, I listened and I stayed alive.

What Is Your Gut Saying?

Sshhhh… Listen to your gut. What is it saying today?

Is it perhaps saying that you should:

Leave that abusive marriage?

Walk away from that emotional manipulator in the guise of a lover?

Change your job/school/department/friends/house?

Leave that clique or not attend the club party?

On listening to my gut; a testimony that I listened and it worked.

Shhhhhh…  Listen.


ENT* – Eyes Nose and Throat

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2 thoughts on “Listening To Your Gut Can Save You

  1. Nice read.. I quite agree with you that yielding to our guts can be a life saver and experiences have made it the more imperative.

    Most times, our ego voice sets us out hassling and bustling with little or no pointer to the negative risks around us and oftentimes, this becomes disastrous leading to breaking points. To some, they just felt something different and they obeyed and that was their savior.

    I believe we are blessed with ‘tools’ to navigate through the unknown phases of life ( Guts feeling, Voice of the spirit.) and not just become products of circumstances. Sadly, we quell or damp these voices when we immediately try to rationalize them or give in to fear of the unknown

    We can hone its usefulness or makes it clearer with each obedience just as practice brings improvements.

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