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Should I Celebrate My Small Progress as an Entry Level Employee

If you are asking if you should celebrate your small progress as an entry-level employee in an organization, you are at the right place with the right person. The answer is quite direct. Yes! you should. You should talk about it, share with anyone who should be concerned and acknowledge every minute growth you experience on the job. Why? you may ask. This answer is simple too.

Small wins are wins and small progress is progress. Every progress should be a big deal.

Nowadays, it is super easy to get caught up in the hot pursuit of wealth, success or fame and as such, we must honour the struggle. This means that you pause from time to time, acknowledge and celebrate every milestone as an entry-level employee.

Personal story: Small Progress as an Entry Level Employee

In 2017, I and thirty-eight (38) other people wrote an entry-level job assessment. Five (5) persons failed and of the five, a lady was a close friend. When the results came out, she excused herself to the restroom where she broke down.

I left for the restroom to console her but ended up crying more than the bereaved. The lady turned around to hug me with promises that she would be fine.

” I would be fine Vikki; I’d just go back to looking for a job”.

The facilitators were informed of two crying ladies at the restroom so they came running with tissue paper.

Upon inquiry, they realized the biggest wailer passed. Like girl, what is wrong with you?!

Two years after, I met one of the facilitators when I was invited to hold a session with the new entry-level employees (now as an experienced hire) and guess what?

My host was unable to place my face with the young, naive girl who was a student in her class two years before. I recounted the above scenario and she let out a long laugh.

She shared the story with her colleagues while chiding me again. In turn, everyone including myself laughed together.

What Does It Mean To Grow?

I am simply in awe of the most amazing thing ever; Growth. The rest of that day was an awesome day. I smiled a lot and was in high spirits all through. I also shared my story with the students. It may be a small thing to the world but it was progress, my progress, and I shared with everyone within earshot in my company. Offline and online.

My feelings were rightly captured in the Power of Small Wins by Harvard Business Review, it says, if a person is motivated and happy at the end of the workday, it’s a good bet that he or she made some progress. If the person drags out of the office disengaged and joyless, a setback is most likely to blame.

Growth is everything. In your career, no matter how infinitesimal it seems, progress is progress and you must celebrate your growth. When I completed my digital marketing certification, I shared my success and went ahead to write a blog post telling people how they could complete theirs.

As today’s entry-level employees, we can only be motivated and energized to pursue more productivity if we celebrate these progress and guess what? they are all around us.

Small Progress Matter; Talk about them.

Nobody stays as an entry-level employee forever. So look around you, what can you do now that you could not when you were newly employed?

  • Can you perform your job duties without supervision?
  • Are you a better person?
  • Do you now man a desk/unit or team on your own?
  • You now write and speak better?
  • What can you do today that was learnt on the job?

Go on, take a piece of paper and scribble away. Write every seemingly ‘small’ thing. It is growth, it is progress, it is a big deal.

You have nothing to scribble down? That is valid too.

Give it time, it gets better.

Give yourself to grow and you’d be amazed at your capacity to develop competencies.

Back to my story and about why I cried with my friend.

You see, we were in training for three weeks together. Learnt together and planned on slaying the job together. The thought of doing it without her broke my heart. Maybe more than the bereaved.


You can share your wins in the comment with me and watch me pop a bottle of champagne on your behalf.


Happy Growing!

Happy celebration of growth!


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2 thoughts on “Should I Celebrate My Small Progress as an Entry Level Employee?

  1. I believe this is one of greatest life secrets many people have not mastered so they keep getting frustrated day after day when their self-acclaimed big wins are delayed, they become disappointed and sometimes this could result in suicide as some cases have shown.

    Celebrating small wins is a voice, it speaks.

    It tells the big win that are a grateful person.
    It tells the big win to come to you quickly.
    It tells the big win that your state of mind is ready to accommodate the next level.
    It tells the universe to conspire in your favour.

    Small wins may look insignificant, but they are bridges. And you know a bridge CAN NOT be insignificant.

    Thank you, for sharing.

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I have highlighted the part below which speaks greatly to me.

      “Celebrating small wins is a voice, it speaks.

      It tells the big win that are a grateful person.
      It tells the big win to come to you quickly.
      It tells the big win that your state of mind is ready to accommodate the next level.
      It tells the universe to conspire in your favour”

      I would be making snippet posts with your comments on our Pinterest account.

      Thank you so much for sharing because I agree with you completely.

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