Victoria Chukwuma - CX Champ
Meet Victoria

What about Victoria Chukwuma? Who is Victoria Chukwuma?

Well, she is Me and I am her.

I am Victoria; a vivacious woman passionate about Customer Experience, Customer Support and Customer Experience.
I believe connecting emotionally with your customers is fundamental in building a lasting brand. To do this, you need to learn, unlearn and relearn customer behaviour and customer service best practises.

All my life and as I speak, I have lived in Nigeria. After my tertiary education, I started my career as a Telemarketing Executive in 2016. Even though I have advanced to being Customer Service, Customer Support and Customer Experience Trainer, that foundation shaped my career.

Victoria’s Blog is my first ever platform. There, I curate content from my experience and chronicle happenings in my life. For the next two years, I had my Facebook timeline and my WordPress blog to “share myself with the world”. 

Cool things about Victoria Chukwuma and 1 extra

Meet Victoria Chukwuma

Food, Sleep and the Internet are my top most favourite things in the world.

I enjoy Music a whole lot too. My favourite genres include:

  • Contemporary worship songs,
  • ‘selected’ hip-hop songs then,
  • a wide array of blues, gospel and country music.

Top items on my bucket list are:

  • To attend an orchestra,
  • To attend an Hillsong worship concert
  • Go on a Music tour

When I am not discussing how to delight customers, I am usually on about self-development and career advancement, especially for women.

You can leave a comment to tell me what else about Victoria Chukwuma I can tell and I’d do just that.